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Thomas Brooke lives in London where he works in the exciting, and sometimes crazy, fashion world.  He is also a committed writer and he spends as much time as he can in his beloved Northumbrian hills, where up until recently could be seen walking with his black Labrador Fergus, who sadly passed in January 2015.  Fergus was a constant companion to the writing of the novel and prevented many writers’ tantrums.

Roman Mask is Thomas Brooke’s second novel, although this will be the first available for sale.


Fergus in the moors of Northumberland where I did a lot of my writing.


  1. Hello again Thomas, interesting piece about yourself. Maybe you should expand it, as it doesn’t give a lot away – as if you were trying to hide something.
    I don’t know if you hail from Northumbria – odd that, as ‘Northumbria’ was the land north of the Humber and now it’s just north of the Tees, what used to be Bernicia. My stamping grounds are south of the Tees near Middlesbrough down as far as York and west across to Tan Hill, although I’ve ventured as far north as Hexham and Haltwhistle and off-road north of the wall (when I had my Series III LWB ‘Safari’). I live in Newham, east of the River Lea (part of the Danelaw), in Forest Gate near the A12, the A13.and M11.
    Sad to learn of your dog’s passing. When we met, my wife had a Collie (Shetland, but not ‘Womble’) named Max. Over the years we grew together, he had the usual tendency to get his ‘flock’ (us) together. A very intelligent dog, he had to be put down in 1986.
    I shall cobble something together for you on the subject of the make-up of the English as you asked,
    Alan R L


    • Hi Alan,
      yes, maybe I should expand on this section a bit. I assure you I don’t have anything to hide! Haha!
      I’m not from Northumberland originally, as I was raised in London. However, my grandmother lived there, so I spent a lot of time there. The cottage is still owned by my family, so I am still there a lot.
      I look forward to seeing your post on the make up of England as we discussed. Just email it to me, and then I will let you know when it will appear.
      Many thanks,


  2. Saw the first episode of ‘The Last Kingdom’, it was well done, authentic looking with the wooden buildings – Baebbanburh shown as a timber fortress etc. The only let-down was the mention of ‘England’, still only dream of Aelfred’s, except probably he wouldn’t have called it England. The Danes were well portrayed, although I think Guthrum should have been more assertive. He was the one who nearly had Aelfred’s hide at Chippenham, after all. ‘Ubba’ should be ‘Ubbi’, one of Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons along with Ivar ‘the Boneless’, Haesten and Sigurd ‘Snake-eye’.
    Look forward to the next part. It’ll be interesting to see the treatment of the book, so far it’s been pretty close.
    TTFN, Alan L


    • Hi Alan, Yes, I have seen the first episode too and I loved it. I wouldn’t get to held up on the mention of England, as this is a TV series and not a book, so it is less easy to convey historical accuracy. They probably mentioned England so the viewers could get a picture in their head as to the geography being spoken about. I know it won’t please knowledgeable historians like yourself, but remember the limitations of film over literature – virtually everything has to come across in dialogue.
      I still think this is a cracking start to the series and I can’t wait for the rest of it.


  3. Charles Symons says

    Hi Thomas, you worked with my wife Claudia at Charles Tyrwhitt in London. She bought Roman Mask for me, and I must say it was thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve read a lot of historical fiction, but Roman Mask was up there with the best. I look forward to the sequel.


    • Hi Charles! Yes, I remember. Hope you and Claudia are doing well in South Africa? Great to hear from you.
      Glad you enjoyed the book! Really appreciate Claudia buying it and you reading it.
      Give my love to Claudia,
      Thanks for the feedback,
      Ps. Sequel is on its way…


  4. gorgo100 says

    Are you thinking of polishing up your first novel! I can’t imagine you writing anything I would not want to read? Is Steven Crossely going to record “Bedrock of Empire”? Please say yest! Are you working on any new books? I guess I am a fan and would love to know there are more novels to look forward to.
    Thanks for your beautiful, mesmerizing, intelligent books!


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