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The Reaper Realm. Guest post by K. A. Lentz.

I am delighted to share a guest post today, from a fantasy author who has created a world, The Reaper realm, where she sets her novel Threads of Compassion. You can read about the novel in a short description below, followed by a intriguing insight into K.A. Lentz’s writing process and the inspiration behind the novel.  What is so interesting about this post was how important the characters became to her, and how she developed them.  It shows how strong the bond becomes between the writer and her characters.  I’ll pass you over to K.A. Lentz now…

Thomas M D Brooke


The Reaper Realm: Threads of Compassion

Dominated by displaced, malevolent beings enjoying their cosmic game of cat and mouse, the realm is home to a host of unconventional elves, inventive creatures, and intriguing characters. Fantastical friends and foes alike join the group or jostle the ride in this colorfully painted world. Join Thistle, Miach, and a host of companions as they embark on a journey of love and war, discovery and loss, hoping to set right the fabric of existence.

Debut author K.A. Lentz has created a new destination for an old notion in The Reaper Realm: Threads of Compassion. Through scenes of sweet sentiment and heart-wrenching horror, we are introduced to a distorted, yet beautiful, dimension.

“Lives can drastically change in the blink of an eye. I started the day strolling through the park on my way to work as a bookshop clerk, paying my way through college. Now, I’m the only remnant of my past life, lost after a looming stranger spirited me through a portal.”

Barely a day passes before Thistle learns the world around her is far different from her own. Elves exist and might be benevolent friends or terrible foes, mere humans could be unspeakable sword-wielding horrors, and the elf whom heartlessly stole her away in the first place may become her greatest friend and ally.

The question remained; what part did Thistle have to play in this fantastical world?

Miach’s master is an unyielding tyrant, powerful and deadly. She bestowed upon him the element of air through the power of storms, ripping him from his homeland and chaining his soul to an elven body. For eight-hundred years she’s forced him to carry out her vile command without quarter; murderer they call him now, monster.

Everything changes when Miach is sent to capture Thistle, a human from the fifth-realm. This, single mission his master saw as her greatest hope now turns to his advantage, forever altering the course of events in this Reaper’s world.

You can buy this novel on here

K.A. Lentz

Originally, the book stems from a dream I had back in college.  From there, the story premise visited me through the years in daydreams and a wandering mind.  I had no idea where I’d start the book or who the characters would be in the end, all of that developed as I wrote the original draft.  Throughout its creation I was surprised by outcomes, I didn’t know where the tale would lead me, and cried at unexpected, emotionally charged events, fearing for my character’s survival.  If ever I came to a spot in the book where something more was needed to complete a scene, I researched it, asked questions of professionals, and even went out onto the lawn and worked fighting approaches with my husband—he always got to play the part of the hero.

My first read through I didn’t edit, instead, I focused on events, expanded scenes, and looked deeper into each character’s character: what motivates them, scares them, or might make them happy in the end.  In doing so, I retooled—or downright deleted—elements or sections to greater reflect personalities, add greater detail and magic, and “flavor” to the overall world.  This allowed me to cement specifics of the storyline and fact-check any discrepancies along the way.  From there, another four edits followed the first; one for content, another for flow, and two finalized edits before calling it done.  It seems like a lot, however, each gave me greater insight into my characters, lore, and growth as a writer.  It was a fantastic and life changing experience.  Looking forward to the next level of experiences and growth book two brings with its development.

You can buy this novel on here

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