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Out now!! Audio version of Roman Mask!!


Yes, it’s true! You can now get the Audio version of my novel, Roman Mask.  Due to the success of the book, the Publisher Tantor decided to create an unabridged version of my work.  You can buy the Audio CD from Amazon and other retailers, or listen to it on Audible, or from Apple iTunes.

Audio books, made for companies such as Audible, have become an increasingly popular way to enjoy novels.  Audio books bring their own form of magic to the literary world.  When listening to a work through a headset, it is easy to lose yourself in the woven spell of audio.  You can immerse yourself totally, through the hypnotic sound of the narrators’ voice, into the writers’ world.  Audio books are also sometimes better at fitting into our busy lives.  So if this is your medium of choice, you can now transport yourself to Ancient Rome before delving into the dark forests of the Teutoburg, by listening to my novel Roman Mask.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have my work read by Steven Crossley.  His Audiobook performances cover an eclectic range of subjects in both fiction and non-fiction, from thrillers, mysteries, classics and histories to children’s fantasy and biographies. These include works by writers such as Salman Rushdie, Pat Barker, Joseph Conrad, Oscar Wilde; and Sebastian Faulkes, Zadie Smith, Ian McKewan, Bernard Cornwell, Tana French, CJ Sansom to name just a few.


How can I get Roman Mask on Audio?

If you want to buy the CD, the easiest way is to go to the Amazon site and purchase it.  You can here.

However, many people prefer to listen to it via subscription through Audible.  If you are not already a member, you can sign up and get 30 days free!  Then just search for Roman Mask.

Apple is also a very popular channel for Audio books.  If this is your choice, it is best to go through iTunes and search for Roman Mask.

The cover

Finally, I would like to give Tantor a big bravo for the wonderful cover they have made for my audio book.  I originally wanted to use the same cover I used for my paperback novel.  However due to the different sizes involved for Audio and CD covers, this proved impossible.  So Tantor came up with their own cover, and I am so pleased they managed (at my request) to keep the image of the Kalkriesse Mask in the design.  This mask is so important, for both my story, and the historical context of the events that surround my novel.  I think it looks absolutely amazing too.  I hope you agree?



  1. Hello Tom, long time no contact. Been busy in various directions. Now you’re busy again, recently having brought out a book and now this audio book. Let’s hope it does well for you. I’m still ploughing through the body-count on ‘FENMAN’ (siege of Ely and aftermath).


    • Hi Alan, glad everything is going to plan with Fenman! Haha! I’m sure it has been great fun writing it.
      Yes, I’ve been busy too. The sequel to Roman Mask is almost done, but it is frustrating that there is still a fair chunk to go. I’ve been working day and night, but I’m just not the fastest of writers. I’m up in Northumberland at the moment, on one of my writing holidays.
      Best of luck with Fenman,


      • Three chapters to go, Tom. 18-20. There’re some nightmares that Ivar experiences, narrow squeaks, the uncanny steps in and a woman briefly becomes a saint – a Norman crossbow bolt takes her and she’s transformed into a hind. Lots of skulduggery, and a ‘witch’ is brought by one of the Norman lords from Lincoln to chant spells at Ely’s defenders, only to break her neck falling when the tower she’s hoisted onto is set fire to (lots of reference works gone into for background).
        Maybe May/June publication.
        Alan L .


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