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The Time in Between – Maria Duenas

The novel describes the life of a young Spanish seamstress, and starts during the build-up to the Spanish civil war of the 1930’s.

Great periods of History to write about – stage 2 (Tudors to WW2) #Historical #Fiction

Ok, last time I discussed five era’s from Ancient Greece until the Medieval age, this time I’ll be bringing things up until the modern age. Featured novel: Philippa Gregory, The White Queen The End of the medieval period and the coming of the Tudors 1455 – 1603 – War of the Roses, a large King with some unfortunate wives, an iconic Queen. PRO’s:  Where to start with this one!  There are so many stories in this period, be it the Princes in the Tower, the battle of Bosworth Field, Henry VIII and his never ending quest for love  – tearing England apart in the process – and that’s before you even get to Elizabeth 1st and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.  This period more than any other personifies English History in most people’s imagination. CON’s:  Despite the War of the Roses ending in 1485, it seems that some people have yet to realise it.  There are still many in the UK and around the world that are either die-hard Plantagenets or Tudors, and are liable to …