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“The classical world is brought vividly to life in this novel by Brooke, a new voice in the crowded chorus of historical fiction. Set at the height of the Roman Empire’s power, Brooke’s writing brings us both the decadence that eventually undermined and destroyed the seemingly invincible Romans, and the merciless military action that won Rome its mandate to rule in the first place.” Daily Mail, UK National newspaper

“I loved this book. There’s no other way to say it. Filled with action and adventure, Roman Mask will keep you on the edge of your seat. Focused on a time that doesn’t always get a huge amount of attention in the historical fiction genre, author Thomas M.D. Brooke does such a fantastic job in drawing a picture of ancient Rome that when you look up from the novel you’ll wonder where your tunic is.” Winner of Readers’ favorite  2016 Award for Fiction/Action


Augustus Caesar rules Imperial Rome at the height of its power, as the Roman Empire stretches across the known world.  Cassius, son of one of her most powerful families, is the personification of Rome’s imperial strength: wealthy, popular, a war hero with a decorated military career – none of Rome’s fashionable parties are complete without him – except, he hides a secret.

After his nerve is broken in Germany, the thought of genuine armed combat is enough to send him into a cold sweat of fear and shame.  But this doesn’t dissuade him from living off a false reputation so he can continue a life of casual affairs, wine, and parties, as he is seduced by the many vices of Rome.

However his scandalous life is soon upset by a summons from the Emperor’s wife.  It ends his happy decadent life and returns him to Germany to assist the Roman legions in their greatest ever trial, and the events that will resound down in history, in the dark forests of the Teutoburg…

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Cassius returns to Rome, intent on restarting his life after escaping death in one of the greatest military disasters of the ancient world, the loss of three legions in the Teutoburg Forest. Hopes of a hero’s homecoming are soon dashed as he discovers that a shaken Rome now scorns the returning survivors of the battle, believing them stained and tainted with ill luck. Worse is to follow, as he once again becomes entwined in the machinations and court-intrigues of the imperial family. Cassius seethes with anger as he discovers that the man behind the betrayal in Germany – his former best friend Julius Arminius, may be endangering another Roman province. Once again, Cassius must travel far from Rome, this time to Spain, and find the one man who may hold the answer – the younger brother of Julius Arminius.

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Praise for Roman Mask…


“I read Roman Mask in one sitting; it was that powerful, that mesmerizing and that well-written. Thomas M.D. Brooke is a master storyteller as he brings the glory and the shame of war to life in a time long ago when Rome thought it was its right to rule the known world.” 5 Stars – Tome Tender

 “The book is exceptionally researched and very well written. I was drawn in from the very first page. Ancient Rome comes to life in all of its glory and menace. It’s a weighty book but one that read quickly because it is one of those books where you just get lost in the story and time flies by. Despite the dark subject matter and the gore – war is gory, there is nothing to be done about that – I didn’t want the story to end. I just love books that bring a world to life like this.” 5 Stars –

“As a reviewer and writer I found this to be one of the most well written pieces of historical fiction I have ever had the pleasure of reading.” 5 Stars – onlygreatbooks



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  2. Gloria Mejia says

    I enjoyed your novel The Mask… I always have been intrigue by The Roman empire and it history. Your book gave me a glimpse of part of it history I did not know. Your book is entertaining and enthusing to the point that I could not put it down even when I was vacationing at a Danube river cruise!!!
    Please keep writing. I am looking forward to read more of your books.
    Thank you!!!


    • Thank you so much Gloria, I am so pleased you took the time to read my novel and enjoyed it so much.
      Yes, don’t worry, I will keep writing, there is another novel on the way, the sequel to Roman Mask!!
      Thank you!


  3. Loved this book enormously…. Loved how human are your characters and the historical background. It never gets boring with too many historical references and I will recommend it to anybody that enjoys historical fiction. Only one complaint though…. Where is the sequel….???? Can’t wait to read about what the empress has in store for Cassius…Julius has to pay for his treason and that horrid lover of hers too…I want vengeance!!! 😈😈😈


  4. Tom Robertson says

    This is a great book, and I can’t wait for the sequel. Up to now my favourite authors have been Ben Kane, Robert Fabbri and Anthony Riches but I’ve now added Thomas MD Brooke to that list. Brings the Legions to life!


  5. Ann Terry says

    Really enjoyed Roman Mask. Couldn’t put it down. Twice found myself still reading at 2:30am! This is a real page turner and just what I like, I will certainly be looking out for more titles from Thomas M.D. Brooke.


  6. Seems to be an interesting book. Might read it one day. I’ve seen the original mask at Kalkriese soon after it was discovered many years ago.


    • Hi,
      I hope you get a chance to read the book one day, I’d really appreciate any feedback.
      Yes, the Kalkriese Mask is key to my book, in more ways than just staring on my cover. Do you have a strong interest in Roman history?
      Many thanks,
      Thomas M D Brooke


      • Hi, Thomas. Yes, I have a very strong interest in Roman history. I have written a small book about the Romans in East Frisia, the area in Germany where I live. Romans were here in the time of the battle of Kalkriese, possibly built a saisonal camp near the place I live during the campaign of Germanicus in the years 15 and 16. Have a look in my blog


      • Always great to speak to another author! Especially someone who has such a keen interest in the same period of history as myself. Such an exciting time period.
        Good luck with your blog and your writing projects!


  7. Thomas please could you put me out of my misery and tell me when your sequel to Roman Mask comes out? I am so waiting for this follow up to the best book I ever read, you got that hero/anti hero balance spot on. I am not easy to impress as I read only Roman novels…get it done please.


    • Thank you Tony, it is so good to hear that you enjoyed my novel and rate it so highly.
      As for the sequel, I’ve written about three quarters of the first draft now, so almost there! I’m hoping to get the writing finished before the start of the summer, but there will still be a fair amount of time needed afterwards for editing, proof reading, publishing etc.
      Sorry it has taken so long, I really am writing as fast as I can. I hope you enjoy the new novel as much as Roman Mask.
      Many thanks for your positive thoughts!
      Thomas M D Brooke


  8. Thomas…a year on from my last email, where’s the sequel? I am so waiting, wishing it to appear…Please get it done, no one has impressed me since reading the first one!


    • Hi Tony,
      Sorry the book is taking so long! I passed it to my sister and father – who are integral to the editing process – and they both loved the book. However, they did suggest tinkering with the story a little. After initially rejecting their ideas, I realised that two of their changes in particular, would enhance the story.
      Making any changes to a book when semi-complete is never easy. Even after writing the new sections, and cutting out some of the old, it is still vital to go back and re-read it, re-edit the work, and have it proof read again. This all takes time I’m afraid.
      However, don’t worry. I’m almost there, and hope to have the book out by spring/summer. I hope the book proves worthy of your patience.
      Many thanks for all your enthusiasm and interest in the book.


  9. anthonyplayer021162 says

    When will you get that book out??? I am so waiting and it is a year since my last ask! Let me proof read please?


  10. JOHN F HOMICH says

    Loved both books, awaiting the third. I thought Steven Saylor was the best in this genre until I read these, please keep this tale going!


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