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Robin Hobb – The Tawny Man series


Robin Hobb’s writing is characterised by its depth and incredibly detailed description, added to this is a deep insight into her characters inner thoughts and emotions.  It is far removed from some of the faster paced novels so characteristic of the fantasy genre, but that is why her novels achieve something that many other can’t, and that is to bring the reader into complete immersion into the worlds she creates.  The time she spends describing the emotional journey of her characters is what I would identify as the key to her novels.  When somebody dies in her novels, you really feel it, because you have learnt what that character means to others, and by the same token, yourself.  It is important because lives are important, and Robin Hobb never loses sight of that.

I have chosen the ‘Tawny Man series’ as my favourite, because it was with this series that I really identified with the main character, a moody, roughhewn man, whose life is characterised by the close bond he holds with his wolf – being a dog lover, this really hit the mark for me!  It shows that characters in fantasy novels do not have to be the traditional heroic type, you can learn to identify with a rich blend of personalities, as long as they are explored thoroughly.

The ‘Tawny Man series’ is actually the second of the Farseer trilogies, so if you wish to start this journey you had better start with the first book of the first series, which can be bought here.


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