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Apologies if I drive you all crazy tomorrow…

Ok, I better apologise in advance, because tomorrow I think I might drive everyone mad telling them about my book which comes out tomorrow!! It’s so exciting having my novel go live, so grant me this day of  blatant self-promotion! My blog will return to normal soon, where we can discuss other novels in the Historical or Fantasy genre…but tomorrow is MY DAY!


Roman Mask: A fast paced action packed novel that begins in Rome AD 9, but leads to the events that will resound down in history, in the dark forests of the Teutoburg….

It’s been a long journey getting to this point, so it is wonderful to finally see it all come together.  I have loved the Historical-novel genre my entire life, so I am delighted to finally be able to contribute something to it.  It truly is a lifetime’s ambition just to get to this point, regardless of anything else that might come of this in the future.

I plan to be doing lots of promotional work over the summer for Roman Mask, and I am in the beginning stages of organising a blog tour for August (hopefully) where I will have my novel reviewed by several well respected historical websites, conduct interviews on the motivations and inspirations behind the novel, and finally I will also be writing a few guest blog posts.  I will let you know the details of this tour as soon as the plans are finalised.  However, I will not be neglecting my own blog, and you can hear all the news on the novel, in the normal Sunday update!

The novel is available as E-book from tomorrow (you can pre-order now and it will automatically be delivered to you kindle tomorrow), and I’ve just checked and the paperback version has just gone live, a day early…so you could order it now!!

Here is where you can purchase it!

Amazon.com $2.99 E-book  or $14.99 Paperback

Amazon.co.uk £1.99 E-book or £9.99 Paperback

Amazon.de €2.99 E-Book or  €14.99  Paperback

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