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Coming up on the site soon! Game of Thrones!

Coming up on the site soon!

Recently, I have been writing quite a few posts on historical fiction, so I think it is about time I turned my attention back to fantasy.  A while back I discussed the importance of The Lord of the Rings to the fantasy genre, and the impact that both the books and the films made.  This week I will be addressing the other hugely successful fantasy series that now is rivaling Middle Earth in popularity.  I am of course talking about George R R Martin’s magnificent Game of Thrones.  The first post coming out later this week, will concern the novels in the series.  I will discuss what made the Game of Thrones books so popular and how George R R Martin managed to create such an exciting and vibrant world.  The following week I plan to write a post on the impact of the Television series, how this may affect the legacy of the novels, and how the fantasy genre could now be viewed differently thanks to the overwhelming popular success of the series.


News on my novel Roman Mask.

Sales have continued to be good for my novel Roman Mask, and I’m pleased to say it continues to be well received by the public and reviewers alike.  The latest reviews came from two websites, the first one being Onlygreatbooks.

“In Roman Mask Thomas M.D. Brooke has mastered historical fiction bringing it to life in a way that will make you forget what century you actually live in.”

“The characters in this story are rich and filled with personality. The battle scenes are well written and detailed, full of action and emotion. I found myself invested in the outcome of every conflict of these characters. This book is an easy read that keeps a steady pace and holds the interest of the reader, paragraph after paragraph.”

You can read the full review here.

The second review came from the blog of the author Richard Tongue, who writes the Battlecruiser Alamo series.

“Once I finished my work for the day, I sat down to read it. I looked up an hour – and eight chapters – later. Without quite realizing how much time had passed. It’s less and less often these days that I read a book in a single sitting, but with this one, I made an exception.”

“Suffice to say that I’ll be eagerly waiting for more works from this author. This one is a real page turner, and I highly recommend it.”

You can read the full review here 



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