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A quick update on my novel

Okay, I don’t want to drive everyone crazy by sending endless updates on my forthcoming novel – and I think I will limit my news on this subject to only Sunday from now on – but it is beginning to get quite exciting as I received the first review copies of the paperback version of my novel yesterday.  It’s not the finished article yet, I don’t have my finalised cover, so on the front of the review copy I only have one of my own paintings – I’m only a limited painter, and as much as I enjoy painting, I realised that I’d need a professionally produced artwork for the cover of my novel.  I should see the initial designs next week hopefully.  This is being done by a company in Ireland called ‘Design for writers’, but they have said they will try and incorporate one of my paintings into the design if they can, so you never know…I may get on the front cover of my own book after all!

Even so, finalised version or not, it is still immensely exciting to see my work professionally bound and printed, standing proud on my bookshelf.

The reason I ordered these review copies, is so I can try and send it off to someone to review my novel – I hear it is anything but straightforward to find a recognised reviewer to critique a work, so if anyone knows of any reviewers who will accept an advanced review copy of my novel, and cater for historical novels, please get in touch (you can use the contact me tab of my site).  I will be very grateful for any help in this regard.

I’m still hoping for a release date at the end of June, but there is still so much to do – and everything seems to take longer than you’d think.  Either way, you’ll find out here first, and on a Sunday so my excitement on the project doesn’t overspill and disrupts anyone’s week.  That’s all for now, I’ll be returning to my blogs on historical writing and fantasy novels later this week.  Speak soon!

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