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Roman Mask Sunday Update

Okay! Almost there now!  The map is now done- Hooray!

I wasn’t sure at first whether I wanted a map for my novel or not, after all we’re all familiar with the general geography of Europe.  However, the names of the countries have obviously changed and I decided I needed to at least display the locations portrayed in the narrative of the book.  It is not an all-encompassing version of the Roman world, I could have gone into a lot more detail, but I thought that might make it difficult to locate the important destinations discussed in the novel.

I thought long and hard about whether to add the mountains or not – the map is just a reference point for the reader, so was this necessary?  I decided that as one section of the Alps plays a not-insignificant role in the novel, I had better put them in.  However, I thought drawing small little trees to represent the Teutoburg forest was a step too far, and instead just marked it on the map.

There might be the odd town mentioned in the book not shown on the map, but nothing significant to the story.  I hope the map helps the readers, and I now think it would have been a shame not to have one, especially for the paperback version of the book.

As for other news, I am in the beginning stages of arranging a tour of historical blogs, writing guest posts, getting reviews, conducting interviews etc.  This is penciled in for August, and is to help me promote my book.  I have no details at all yet, but as soon as I have some more information, I’ll let you know via the usual Sunday update.

It’s still looking good for a release date at the end of June – getting really excited now!


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