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Ten types of evil henchmen!

The Assassin.  This silent killer is cold and dispassionate.  Prefers to stand in the shadows until called upon by their master to despatch an unfortunate victim.  The first time you see their face may also be the last thing you ever see.


The bodyguard.  Forever trailing their master, whose personal safety is their only concern.  Their loyalty is unquestionable and so they can be relied upon to partake in any evil deed their master demands.

street tough

The street tough.  Handy with their fists and unafraid of any brawl, they are often found in the seediest of bars.  Not renowned for their intelligence, they are still a useful resource if hired muscle is all you need to put some pressure on a competitor or rival.


The Torturer.  Sometimes information is more valuable than gold.  If you need to extract anything from a victim before bumping them off, a reliable torturer is essential.  No other henchmen can instil as much fear as someone who specialises in giving pain.  The best torturers will also be adapt at keeping a victim alive as long as possible so don’t expect a quick end to your ordeal if you find yourself under their care.

evil genius

The silent genius.  Often a bad guy or gang leader will have plenty of ambition, money, power, and influence, but will lack one particular skill.  For this he will turn to his tame genius, who can fill that hole – be that cracking codes, calculating complicated mathematics, hacking a computer, or some other essential skill for their master.

Gangsters moll

The gangster’s moll.  How can you love someone so obviously evil and dastardly?  Well, quite easily if the gamester’s moll is anything to go by!  Treated to the finest clothes and luxuries, bedecked with jewellery and money, they only need to turn a blind eye to where it all comes from…


The Magician.  Their mastery of the arcane arts can prove a valuable asset to any bad guy.  Magic can take many different forms but all require a lifetime of study – this is why many magicians are content to remain the power behind the throne, rather than take the lead themselves.

The Freak of nature

The freak of nature.  This henchmen has a physical oddity or disfigurement that can be used to their masters benefit.  Some will have a metal arm or teeth, others prodigious strength or be impervious to pain.  Made most famous by the Bond villains both old and new.


The brow-beaten servant.  Mistreated and down-trodden, their loyalty to their master is still unflinching.  Can be relied upon to fulfil any number of odious tasks as they follow their master unequivocally – grave robbing, corpse disposal, puppy killer, you name it.

the Champion

The Champion.  Master of the blade or other weapon of choice, the champion is unbeatable at his chosen discipline.  Uninterested in taking charge or becoming a boss themselves, they instead dedicate themselves entirely to their marshal prowess, to remain unbeaten in any duel or contest.

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