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Sunday update! 29th June – Release date for Roman Mask. Available for Pre-order now!

The release date in finalised, Roman Mask will be available from Monday 29th June!

It will be available from Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback.  The Kindle version is already available for Pre-order, so if you wish you can purchase the book now, and it will automatically be downloaded to your Kindle on the 29th June – who knows, you could get the very first copy!

The paperback is still being finalised so there is no pre-order function for this version, but don’t worry, it will definitely be available for sale on the 29th June as promised.

Purchase Roman Mask for Pre-order:

  • Amazon.com priced at $2.99 here.
  • Amazon.com priced at £1.99 here.
  • Amazon.de priced at €2.99 here.

It will also become available in the other regional Amazon locations around the world.  I have also setup two author pages, one on Amazon.com and the other on Amazon.co.uk.

For those of you who don’t own a Kindle, iPhone, or iPad, but instead use another E-book device (such as a Nook), you will still be able to purchase the novel, however it won’t be available until the end of September (sorry!)  The following channels will be available at this time:

  • Barnes & Noble,
  • Book Depository,
  •  Chapters,
  • IndieBound
  • Kobo

Until then, you can obviously purchase the paperback version which I have tried to price as reasonably as I can, as I want as many people to have access to the book as possible.  The Paperback version will be priced as follows.

  • USA: $14.99
  • UK: £9.99
  • Europe: €13.49

I hope that is okay for everybody?  It is quite a thick novel (388 pages) so it wasn’t really possible to make it any cheaper than this.  I will post the link as soon as it is ready on the 29th June.

The Proofs are here…


I can’t explain the amazing sense of achievement you feel when you finally see your book in print for the first time.  It is the final realisation of the dream, started so long ago, finally coming true.

And finally.  I have my first review! And it’s great! Hooray!

I sent a review copy to a few authors and papers, in the hope of getting my work reviewed and David Roberts, the Author of Sweet Poison and the Corinth crime novels has very kindly come back with a response already!  He says:

 ‘Thomas Brooke brings vividly alive the Rome of Augustus Caesar. Violent, sex obsessed – not unlike our own century – we see the savage pleasures of the ancient world through the eyes of a charming rake back from the wars with a not entirely justified reputation for heroism.

Brooke’s debut is an undoubted success. I thoroughly enjoyed Roman Mask  – the first of a series, I hope.’

David Roberts, Author of Sweet Poison and The Corinth crime novels.

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