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A new widget has appeared…


You may notice that a new widget has popped up to the side of my blog.  This is my Goodreads bookshelf that shows a few of the books I’ve been reading recently.  Goodreads is like a Facebook for book readers, where readers can compare the books they read, write reviews, and join discussion groups.  As an author I get an author page so others can follow me, and this blog now feeds directly into my Goodreads page – so if you’re reading this there, welcome!   I am new to Goodreads and to be honest I’m a bit lost navigating my way around it, but it looks to have lots of features I’m looking forward to exploring in the coming weeks.   Being so new, I don’t have many followers or friends on it yet, so if you’re on Goodreads already come find me, or if you want to join make sure you add me as a friend as soon as you do as I could do with some company on the site!  However, I already have a couple of reviews for my novel on Goodreads, both really good, so I’m really pleased.  You can join Goodreads here.

The results of last week’s giveaway – For two copies of the excellent Roman cookery book by Mark Grant are Pennypinchespurses and Nige Denton.  If you could both send me your postal addresses in the ‘contact me’ section of my website I will send the book out to you.  Sorry to those who missed out, I will try and think up a few more give-away’s in the future.

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