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Coming up on the site soon!

The Lord of the Rings

Coming up!

It occurred to me recently that although I have highlighted and written about a number of fantasy novels, apart from the odd mention here and there, I have missed out the two most famous works in the Genre.   They are of course The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.  Possibly the reason I have avoided writing about them up until now is that since the films and the TV series have come out, so much has been said about them, I wasn’t sure I could offer anything more.  However, I now realise that was ignoring the elephant in the room, and to have a site which discusses fantasy novels, and not include these great books is ridiculous.

So this week I will start of writing some pieces on The Lord of the Rings, the book that I first read at eleven and did more to spark my imagination than anything else in my life.  It lead to a lifelong love affair with reading and ultimately writing, and I have Tolkien to thank for now realising my dream in becoming an author.

Writing just one post on the Lord of the Rings doesn’t seem right somehow, so I will try and write a few posts.  If anyone else out there wants to contribute anything on Tolkien’s work, please check out the submissions tab and send me your post.  I will be delighted to showcase other people’s views on the subject.

I will get to the brilliant Game of Thrones at some other time in the future…

game of thrones

Roman Mask news!

Up until now you have only been able to buy my novel Roman Mask in paperback, or E-book for the Amazon Kindle.  This will change at the end of the month, as I have just finished converting my novel into the format for the Nook and iPad.  My novel will soon be available on the Barnes and Noble site as well as a variety of other retailers.  The planned date for release in these formats is September 27th 2015 and I will update you as soon as they are live.

Some of you will notice that a number of the sites due to showcase the novel on my blog tour last week haven’t appeared yet.  This has been incredibly frustrating, but the lady who is organising the blog tour thinks that we will be able to get them rescheduled, once she finds out what the delay is due to.   Rest assured, as soon as they come out, I will let you know.


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