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Calling all authors and book reviewers…FREE marketing! #bookmarketing #authors

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My own novel ‘Roman Mask’ is about to appear on a blog tour of historical fiction websites, through the end of August and throughout September.  It has made me appreciate how important it is for authors to gain the exposure necessary to get a new book up and running.  As I have a website of my own, it only seems fair to make the same offer to other authors in need of marketing their own novels.  So you will see there is an extra tab on my site called ‘Submissions’.  This shows how you can submit a post to my website promoting your own work, providing it is a fantasy or historical novel.  It is completely free of charge; I just need a post that tells the readers something about your novel – it could be the inspiration behind writing the book, or why you were interested in a period of history, or anything really that tells us something about the novel.  I will then post this with a description of the novel and links to where you can buy the book.

I also extend this offer to anyone who wants to submit a review of any fantasy or historical novel.  I’ve never been very good writing reviews myself (I think I’m too soft), but I appreciate the vital role they provide in guiding readers in a busy marketplace.  So anyone who wants to submit an opinion on a novel, please send me your posts.

As for my own blog tour, here are the details.  It will be a mix of my own posts, excerpts, reviews of my novel Roman Mask, and giveaway offers for the paperback version of my novel.


Monday, August 24
Kick Off & Giveaway at Passages to the Past

Tuesday, August 25
Excerpt & Giveaway at Let Them Read Books

Wednesday, August 26
Spotlight at A Literary Vacation

Tuesday, September 1
Spotlight at Curling up by the Fire

Wednesday, September 2
Excerpt at Boom Baby Reviews

Thursday, September 3
Review at Just One More Chapter

Saturday, September 5
Spotlight at The Never-Ending Book

Monday, September 7
Review at Ageless Pages Reviews

Tuesday, September 8
Review at Svetlana’s Reads and Views

Thursday, September 10
Spotlight at CelticLady’s Reviews

Sunday, September 13
Spotlight & Giveaway at Teddy Rose Book Reviews Plus More

Friday, September 18
Review at Broken Teepee

Wednesday, September 23
Review at Genre Queen


  1. Yes Alana, it’s really exciting. As a new author its great to be able to give my work some exposure. I’m really looking forward to the feedback on the reviews – and no, I haven’t seen them yet! Let’s hope they’re kind! Haha!
    The posts in the ‘spotlight’ will be the inspiration behind the novel, and the excerpts and give away’s are a way to bring new readers to my work.


  2. Thomas I truly believe that in many ways, fictional writers who have the naturally artistic ability to research and create such brilliant and historically correct information, into an intoxicating and inspirational novel, can in their own right, be proud of the fact, that their storyline’s and colourful characters are often the historic education, that stays in the mind’s of our young students. When they read something like Roman Mask, it leaves such an inspiring impression with all the much needed historical information gained from your book, that they can happily relate in their own words, their own opinions and understanding, of that historical time and the extremely important events that occurred, in assisting with the slow demise of Rome. As someone who loves Ancient History, I found very early, that the fact’s imparted to us, are based on some actual facts while the rest is created into an account that sounds and appears correct, so you should be very proud knowing that ( hopefully) smart teachers will recommend Roman Mask to their history students knowing the knowledge held within those 📄 pages will create the information required, for them to retain the important fact’s. Getting young adults to read anything, these days can be daunting, so knowing authors of your calibre, are out there helping them to appreciate the essences of our language and how you create such wonderful art, with your writing, is really gratifying. The knowledge and lessons learned from such a book as yours, could never be completely understood and appreciated the way it should, so a BIG THANKYOU, is very much in order.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am delighted that you enjoyed my novel so much, and that you feel it could help the next generation understand the past. I have always felt that historical novels are the perfect medium to teach all readers, be they young or old, about the past. It is why I take the historical research I do for my writing so seriously. Like you, I love Ancient History and if my writing can help someone understand the past, and have an insight into the Roman world, I am delighted. Many thanks for your support.

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